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Learning Enhancement

At The Lakes College we pride ourselves on meeting the academic and emotional needs of every student. Our ‘Learning Enhancement’ team works closely with classroom and Pastoral Care teachers and parents to offer student support in various areas. These areas include:

  • supporting students who find aspects of their learning challenging through individual and small group support both within the classroom and by providing withdrawal for some students
  • providing challenges and alternate learning experiences to those students who demonstrate that their abilities exceed year level expectations.

Students requiring support are identified in a variety of ways. These methods of identification may include:

  • regular pre-tests
  • teacher checklists
  • standardised achievement test results including the TORCH reading test, South Australian Spelling, PIPS, NAPLAN and ICAS
  • parent interviews
  • referrals from parents or staff
  • teacher observation of learning behaviours, creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills, motivation and social interaction
  • psychological assessments and/or specialist reports

Students who are working beyond year level expectations are encouraged to participate in many activities for groups and individuals. Such extension activities include:

  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Chess Tournaments
  • Reader’s Cup
  • Robotics
  • Explorama
  • Brainways conferences
  • state-wide, national and international competitions e.g. ICAS, Australian Mathematics competition,
  • online learning tasks
  • lateral thinking puzzles
  • one-to-one learning opportunities
  • subject challenge groups

Regular communication between home and school is necessary to ensure the ongoing needs of our students are being met.