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Academic Mentoring and Tutoring

Academic Mentoring

Students in Years 10-12 each receive regular guidance from a teacher (Academic Mentor) regarding their academic performance. The role of the Academic Mentor is to assist students to:

  • Reflect on student organisation, learning goals, mindset and progress
  • Analyse Learning Analytics data continuous reporting feedback to shape student goals
  • Assist students to develop successful learning strategies considering individual workloads and commitments
  • Track progress through keeping notes of student progress and discussions on the College Learning Management System
  • Discuss aspects of student life that may impact on learning goals
  • Maintain close contact with the student’s Pastoral Care Teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Subject Teachers and parents to ensure everyone has a complete picture of each student’s journey.


The College provides an extensive system of tutoring across each faculty. Students have access to subject teachers on a weekly basis outside of the classroom, to ask questions and gain assistance with their study. Students are strongly encouraged to make use of the tutoring service as part of an study plan.