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2018 China Connections Trip

Updates from Mr Scott Francis - Deputy Head of Secondary

DAY 11

As I write this our last full day in China is drawing to a close.

It has been a busy day, starting at the Beijing Zoo (including some time looking at the Pandas there), before moving to some hard-fought bargaining at the Silk Markets and, after a 14km trip that took just on 2 hours, a lovely Peking Duck dinner.

We had a cunning plan to try and get postcards home before our arrival on Thursday, however it looks like they will not make it. We have express posted them in a single parcel to school with priority Australian stamps already on them, however it appears that the two public holidays has thwarted this attempt. (However, it would be great if you did look surprised when they finally do make it to you).

Tonight, in light of the slow moving postcards, the students were given the chance to write a short message home, which they have done. Following these messages are a number of photos from today.




From Alex T: Dear Mum and Dad, China has been amazing. So what has been my favourite? It would have been the dumplings and also the terracotta warriors. Can’t wait to see you.

From Callum: Hi Mum and Dad, This trip to China has been lovely. From summer palaces to Great Walls to a dumpling that was the best. I can’t wait to get home to tell you more.

From Sarah: Hello,I have sincerely enjoyed my stay in China, and I think ya’ll are so LEGENDARY for allowing me to go on this amazing trip. My top favourite parts were: The Great Wall, Shoppping/Bargaining, Food, Bullet Trains

From Madi: Dear Mum and Dad, I’ve had an amazing time in China. It is an awesome experience and I am so glad I have this opportunity, and I have a little surprise for all of you. I am so excited to see you guys and eating some normal food. PS I am so excited to see you guys and swim again

From Evelyn: Hello my darling beautiful parents…So far this trip has been an extraordinary experience. My three highlights of the trip are 1/ seeing the amazing scenery of the Great Wall, bargaining for the first time (making prices go lower) and the Beijing beef noodle soup. I can’t wait to see you again. Love you.

From Alex H: Three things I have enjoyed are: Pandas – as they sleep and eat all day, Beijing Primary School – was very interesting and big, Food. I tried lots of new food. My favourite food was sweet and sour port. I am grateful to my parents for letting me go on the trip. It was fantastic, quick and very enjoyable.

From Josh: So far the trip has been amazing! The food has been great and the things I have seen have been off the scale in a good way. I have bought you all something and I think you’ll love it. I can’t wait to see you on Thursday.

From Kye: My favourite thing in China has been the bargaining and the silk markets. This has been the best experience of my life. Thank you for letting me come here. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

From Adam: I have had a great time in China and will be back in Australia soon. I am very thankful that you have let me come on this trip. One of my favourite things was calligraphy and another was the food. I have been good, and also when we have spare yuan can we put them up somewhere? Bye and see you soon.

From Kyeson: Hi Mum and Dad and Sarah and Jade, I miss you all so very much. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Things here are great. Love you, miss you.

From Beau: My favourite thing so far has been shopping. I am looking forward to telling you all about it, and showing you my gifts. Love you, Beauzy

From Hannah: Thanks for sending me to this EPIC trip. I had a great time. I will never forget it. My favourite part was climbing the Great Wall. My mum has experienced it before and she said her legs went to jelly like a jellyfish. That happened to me. It was hilarious. My favourite dish was the Peking Duck. Iwas scared to try new foods like duck and Chinese pancakdes, but I loved it! It is good to try new foods, even if they don’t look so good. (happy emoji face)

From Millie: I have enjoyed China a lot, and I am looking forward to seeing you guys and eating western food! I am very grateful that you guys let me go on this trip. Love from Millie

From Addision: I have had a great time and seen many amazing things. I am very grateful to all of you and all of my friends and the teachers. I am looking forward to seeing all of you back in Australia. Many thanks!

From Ona: Today I bought (actually Mrs Lollback bought) a new suitcase. One of my favourite foods are noodles and fried rice. Mrs Curtis is going to Paris today. Looking forward to seeing you again in BYE!

From Cameron: Dear Family, I am very thankful that you let me come on this trip. I love bargaining, the Great Wall and the parks. I love you!

From Katie: Thanks you so much for this trip to China. Something I did in China was eating a squid ink dumpling (make sure you put in an emoji Mr F! (Katie, there is not squid ink dumpling emoji on my keyboard)). Something I liked in China was Summer Palace because we got ice-cream and there was a garden and I gave out lots of detentions! I’m looking forward to seeing you and watching lots of Netflicks and Youtube. Lots of love,

From Steven: Thank you for sending me to China. I have had an amazing time! I have enjoyed every minute and the teachers have been awesome. I can’t wait to get home!

From Phin: So far I’ve had a pretty good time. They Great Wall was amazing, just like everything so far. Grateful to you! Phin

From Priya: I am disappointed that this trip is ending although I am looking forward to seeing my family! I love every tourist attraction that we have seen in China for the last two weeks! I have tried different foods that China has to offer, and most of it was delicious! The trip has been amazing.

From Carys: Mum; I appreciate everything you do for me. I appreciate the hugs and kisses and the fun. I hope you will enjoy the amazing presents that I bought for you and bargained hard for. My favourite part of the trip has been the wall and the shopping. DUH. I love everyone very much including the teachers who made this possible.

From Lily: Hey Fam, I’ve had a great time in China and can’t wait to see you all and dad’s cooking. See you all soon – thank you for sending me on this trip.

From Lois: On the China trip we had so much fun. My fav bit was the bargaining. I got Loui Vuitton and Prada items. It was fun as fun total can be.

From Jade: To Mum, Dad and Levi, Thank you for sending me on this great experience. I have enjoyed everything and seeing the similarities and differences. I can’t wait to show you all the presents and tell you everything about this experience.

From Sam: To Dad, today I went to the silk markets and the zoo. I bought some things for you. I am ready to go home. I miss a lot of things like the dogs. Also, what Commonwealth Games events are we going to? Thanks Dad!

From Rowan: I am so happy that you sent me on this trip of a lifetime. I am really looking forward to seeing you all and the dogs. You are beautiful. I am coming home soon to show you your SURPRISE.

From Ellie: Dear Mum and Dad and Brody and Liam and Harry, Thank you for this amazing China trip! I am grateful for everything – we walked on the Great Wall! My most exciting things was the Great Wall. I am looking forward to coming home!

From Chris: Hi, Thanks for letting me come on this trip. I have had an amazing time in China. I have enjoyed the terracotta warriors, Great Wall and bargaining. Tomorrow I am having McDonalds for lunch and I have got presents for all of you. Today I bought a fake tiger claw.

From Kasey: Dear Family, First of all I’d like to say thank you for sending me to China. Now I’d like to say I’ve had so much fun and done some shopping for our family. Thank you, I love you to the moon and back.

DAY 10

Today was a travel day, and with a little bit of a delay at the airport students had to be patient – and they did a great job. We have now landed back in Beijing and are in the same hotel as before, the Dongfang hotel.

This morning saw us enjoy breakfast together before heading out to a local park. The park was along the river and we were able to enjoy a walk, and to interact with some of the locals in the park. Michelle, our guide, organised a Tai Chi class while some of the other students joined in some dancing.

Lunch was next on the menu, and then out to the airport.

While waiting at the airport I had the chance to continue my conversations with students for these e-mails home, talking with three of the students, Millie, Priya and Jade.

We started by trying to find some similarities between home and here. Millie said that she found a lot of similarities in watching the people, and Priya agreed saying that she found the people very welcoming (we are often asked for photographs), and Jade commented that she found the people happy, much like at home. She added that families with pets looked similar to what you would find at home.

The next discussion was around the trip highlights, with Millie leading with the Terracotta Warriors as a highlight, and everyone agreeing with her. Millie was very enthusiastic about the trip, saying everything had been enjoyable. Priya added the Great Wall experience as a highlight, and all three girls said they had enjoyed the shopping to date (the main shopping comes in the next 24 hours, at the silk markets and the Beijing Zoo).

To finish we talked ideal travel locations, with Priya and Millie agreeing that Paris is the place that they would like to go. Millie wanted to go there to see the Eiffel Tower, and Priya looking forward to experiencing the French culture. As it happens, I have had a chat with Jade twice for these e-mails without nailing down a favourite destination – I will have to sneak this in with the next e-mail.

Tomorrow is all about the shopping, with a little bit of sightseeing at the Beijing Zoo and a special duck dinner for our last evening meal in China.

Some photos follow.


Day 9 started particularly early, with a 4:30am wake-up to be in the hotel lobby by 5:15am. The students were all there by 5:15am, and after staff suggesting that it had all been an elaborate April Fool’s joke and that the real departure time was 10:00am, we headed out for another ‘bullet train’ experience (at the real departure time of 5:15am – no April Fool’s Joke is worth a 4:30am wake-up).

After a 90 minutes train ride we arrived in Luoyang and headed onto a bus for our Kung Fu experience. This consisted of a 60 minute class, and then watching a Kung Fu display. The venue for the class was fascinating, a Kung Fu school of 8000 students that was full of students marching, jogging, boxing and doing exercise on a Sunday. Our travellers seemed to enjoy participating in and watching the Kung Fu.

We then headed back to our hotel room for the night, in Luoyang.

At dinner I was lucky enough to sit with Sam, Adam and Alex T, to talk about their travel experience. (And I know that my journalistic integrity and any reputation for balance is taking a hit here – interviewing my second boys only group in a row. This will be rectified tomorrow).

The group of us started by talking about our favourite parts of the trip so far. Alex T said it was the food, with the dumplings a particularly favourite. Adam said it had been spending time with friends and site seeing, with the Great Wall his favourite location. Sam said it was the Terracotta Warriors, and the fact that each one was different. I said that my favourite part had been seeing how much fun students had bargaining and interacting with people in the markets at the bottom of the Great Wall.

Sam said that the most challenging part of the experience had been homesickness, but he had enjoyed his phone call home and had packed and brought some reminders of home which helped him. Alex T said that fitting everything into his bag was a challenge, and he recommended rolling clothes as a packing technique. Adam said the steep walk up the Great Wall was a challenge.

Seeing as we are getting to the end of the trip, I was interested to see what the three boys were looking forward to about getting home. Alex T said he was looking forward to more sleep, Adam said it was seeing family and Sam said seeing family and going to the Commonwealth Games.

Lastly, I asked them about their perfect travel plan. Sam said it would be to head to LA at Christmas time, Adam said he would come back to China and Alex T said it would Brazil for the football.

Some photos of the day follow. Tomorrow is a busy day, with a late afternoon flight to Beijing.


Today was a ‘rest day’, around the hotel area.

We organised a number of activities for the students during the day, including some window shopping, games in the park and a walk on the town wall of Xian.

Students bought their own lunch, and dinner was again in a very nice restaurant with shared meals across tables of 8 or 9. An interesting ‘twist’ to dinner was the opportunity to try chicken feet for the first time, and quite a number of students took the challenge.

The evening was spent packing bags as we have an early start tomorrow morning, before another bullet train journey on to the third city of this visit, Luoyang.

A few photos from the day follow.


Today had two main activities, a trip to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda followed by a calligraphy class in the afternoon.

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda was a Buddhist temple with some very ornate rooms (the room designed to bring wealth seemed to be the most popular) and lovely gardens that we spend some time playing in.

The calligraphy class was well received by the students. We used brushes and ink on special paper to learn the 8 different strokes that make up Chinese characters. Students were then taught to write the words ‘eternal love’. The instructor remarked on how well they did this task (despite my best efforts I ended up with the phrase ‘put the pool in the wheelie bin’. Perhaps calligraphy is just not my thing).

We had lunch at a large buffet restaurant, and I was lucky enough to enjoy the meal with Kye, Kyeson, Ona, Alex H, Callum and Cameron. I was interested in getting some feedback on what the students had thought about the meals that we had on our trip so far.

I started with setting the students the challenge of coming up with one word to describe the food so far. Ona went with ‘top notch’, Kyeson ‘awesom’, Kye ‘yummy’, Callum ‘wonderful’, Alex H ‘delicious’ and Cameron ‘exquisite’.

I asked about the food that they had liked. Kye said that he had liked the vegetables, particularly the broccoli. There was general agreement about this – the vegetables are popular. I asked why they thought this was the case, and the answer was because of the flavours and sauces used with the vegetables. Alex H said that his favourite food so far had been the duck, with Callum particularly enjoying the breakfast chicken sausages in Beijing. Ona liked the sweet steamed buns and Kyeson said that he had enjoyed a lot of the food, including sushi which he had tried for the first time. Cameron said that he particularly enjoyed a sweet potato dish that we had on the first day, which was covered in a honey glaze and had to be dunked in water to make the glaze go hard before eating.

Amongst the dishes that had been tried and not enjoyed Cameron and Callum both did not like the sweet buns, Ona said that a catfish dumpling had not been to his taste, Kyeson said that he was not a fan of the boiled eggs cooked in tea, Kye did not like the squid ink dumplings and Alex H said that he was not a fan of the Chinese doughnut, which he found quite plain.

As we were eating and talking, the boys discovered a station making fresh noodles. They all tried a bowl with most saying that they were great – and it was interesting to watch the noodles being made by hand and cooked straight away.

The last question was about where the ideal travel destination would be for each of these six young men. Alex H said he would travel to Chile to enjoy the different traditions there. Callum went for Japan because of the culture and its reputation as a modern country. Ona also nominated Japan for similar reasons, and the sushi. Cameron said that he was looking forward to going to the silk markets later in this trip to ‘bargain’. Kyeson chose Cuba because of the old cars and Kye LA to visit Hollywood.

Mrs Lollback had an interesting activity for the students today. She gave each student an Australian pencil or boomerang keychain to give, as a gift, to a child they came across during the day. This led to many happy exchanges. The most interesting involved Lois, who gave hers to a younger child who was initially quite shy and then later very excited by the gift. Lois gave the gift to her at around 11 in the morning. In what must be quite a co-incidence in a city of 10,000,000 people, that night we happened to be having dinner in the same restaurant as the young girl (who we now know is Shannon), and the young girl came up to Lois and gave her a lovely card.

Students were a little quieter today, and I think some are a little tired after a bit week of travel. In my earlier days of studying at university I worked as a boarding house master. From my experience there I remember that phone calls home were often quite emotional, and I suspect that some of the students are at a point of tiredness and missing home a little that they may be a bit emotional when they talk tomorrow.


Today was all about the Terracotta Warriors, and it turned out to be another exciting China day. We are staying at a lovely hotel, and after an enjoyable breakfast we took the 75-minute bus trip out to the site of the Terracotta Warriors. Students were told the story of the Warriors, from the belief that they offered protective powers through to their modern-day discovery in 1974. They were able to look at different sites to see the process of discovering and preserving the warriors.

A late lunch was then held in a private home, where we were lucky enough to meet and be served a dinner by a local family, the father in the family having previously been a military cook. I didn’t get a chance to eat with the students today. In tomorrow’s e-mail I will continue my conversations with them. It was another great meal shared by the travelling group. We were back to the hotel in the afternoon before heading out for a dinner at restaurant famous for its dumplings to sample a buffet of 11 different flavours – while some students passed on the squid ink dumplings, most found many that they enjoyed.

Rowan, Hannah, Alex H, Katie and myself went for an after-dinner walk and were lucky enough to join in some Chinese dancing in the park.

A couple of pictures of the busy day follow – a group picture from the Terracotta Warrior attraction and a photo from the house at lunch.

Tomorrow is another big day, with may of the students mentioning to me that they are looking forward to the calligraphy experience.


Today is mainly a travel day – 1200km on the ‘Bullet Train’ heading to Xi’an. As I write we are about a third of the way through the trip, and travelling at 307km/hr. To this point our student travellers have again coped well with the challenges of travel, from packing suitcases to waiting in line for tickets and security to happily occupying themselves on the train (there is a hard fought game of monopoly going on in the row ahead of me, and some fine art being created beside me). Of interest is the weather change from Beijing, which was quite smoggy this morning, to a cleaner environment as we get further away.

Kye and Mrs Curtis celebrated their birthdays this morning. Everyone sang happy birthday in Chinese, and there is a rumour that there may be cake for further celebrations this evening.

Mrs Lollback organised a miming activity this morning, for students to mime a key event from their time in Beijing. Many events were mimed, from using a squat toilet (acting out the part of the squat toilet is not likely to be a highly sought-after role in the future, but was done with comparative grace and dignity), to walking through the crowds as a group, to hurrying to pack up suitcases, to visiting with the Beijing Primary School. The most common event was the ‘bargaining’ at the markets. This shopping/bargaining experience was a big hit with our student travellers. The students don’t ask ‘when are we going shopping next?’, they ask ‘when they are going ‘bargaining’ next?’. I suspect we may have created a group of young people with a love of bargaining who will never pay full price again – which may slow things down at the North Lakes McDonalds drive through once they are home.

Today’s Lunch Conversation

I was lucky enough today to sit down with Elli, Katie, Jade, Chris, Addison, Hannah and Sarah for lunch, to get some travel insights from them. I was particularly interested in the similarities and differences that they had seen between Brisbane and Beijing.

Elli pointed out that many of the signs, thought difficult to read, are pointing out the same things as in Australia. Hannah had seen some basketball and soccer being played and said this was similar to at home. Jade mentioned that some elements of the weather were the same, for example when we were walking along the Great Wall with the blue sky, this seemed like Brisbane weather. Elli mentioned that bottle water was sold in a lot of places in both Brisbane and Beijing. Katie and Addison both mentioned that you saw some similar brands as in Brisbane, for example McDonalds and KFC (and they said this while we were having subway for lunch). Sarah talked about the fact that some of the shops, and shopping centres, were similar as in Brisbane, with Chris mentioning that the airport seemed similar, albeit bigger. Katie and Addison agreed, saying that the train station was also much like an Australian one in a lot of ways. Elli finished this part of the discussion, saying that the hotels rooms we had been staying in were similar to ones we would expect to find in Brisbane.

Chris then got the conversation started on the differences, taking about the way the clothing and fashion generally was different. Hannah talked about the fact that the school we visited, which had buildings with many levels, was bigger than what we were sued to. Katie mentioned that she had seen 3 wheel cars about, different to her experience in Australia. Sarah pointed out that perhaps the most obvious and challenging difference was around language, while Addision said that the road rules were clearly different. Hannah mentioned that there were a lot of temples as you travel around in Beijing, while Jade said that a difference she had noticed was with the pollution that you could see in the air. Elli mentioned that the steering wheels in cars are on opposite sides, and Hannah and Jade both talked about the way the food, and the way it is served, is different.

We finished by talking about our dream travel destinations. Elli and Katie both agreed that for them it was Paris. Addison was adamant that his destination was the USA and Chris said that he would be heading to Brazil for the soccer. Hannah was keen to head to Hollywood while Sarah said that she would be more than happy to return to China.

As you can see from the photo the destination for out lunch was not as fancy as yesterday’s lunch (today we were waiting at the train station for our Bullet Train while eating Subway). While I had met Hannah before through basketball, it is only over the past 5 days that I have been lucky enough to get to know Addison, Ellie, Chris, Katie, Sarah (all in my ‘teacher group’ for this trip) and Jade. It has been fun travelling with them, and was fun chatting to them over lunch today.

Tomorrow sees us exploring our new city!


I know that I start every e-mail in much the same way, but today was another positive day of exploring Beijing.

We tackled Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. While we had the challenge of dealing with big crowds of people, we also got to see and learn about these important sites. The students did a great job staying together and co-operating, and the only trouble we had was when Sharon and I ended up counting 30 students rather than 29 a couple of times – with the problem being the perpetually youthful Simone being counted amongst the students.

Tonight we are heading out for another dinner in the local area – we are lucky that there are plenty of restaurants nearby, giving us a great chance to walk through the district and see what is happening as we go to and from dinner.

A Chat Over Lunch

I wanted to add some student thoughts to the daily e-mail, and am going to do this by having a chat with a group of students each day and jot down some of their thoughts. Today I have had lunch with the Year 7 students, Carys, Rowan, Josh, Evelyn, Steven and Kasey. It was a lovely lunch, and in the tradition of many of the meals that we have had so far on this trip – a table with food that is shared, students chatting and trying things and an underlying good mood.

I started by asking the students about the hardest thing about the travel was, and at this stage they all thought that it had been a really positive experience. Carys mentioned that it is sometimes hard saying no to people who want to take photos, Josh talked about being a little more tired in the morning after the flights and Kasey mentioned the squat toilets – but at the end of the day there had not been too many challenges.

We then moved onto the highlights of the trip so far. Steven, Rowan, Carys and Kasey said it was visiting and walking along the great wall, enjoying both the views, the history of the wall and the accomplishment of the journey. Evelyn and Josh talked about the food, which they agreed has had a lot of variety, served on the ‘lazy susan’ and is different and interesting at each meal.

Travel tips was the next topic of conversation. Kasey talked about the importance of being really organised with your room, Josh said that having a space of your own that you manage your stuff in is important, Rowan talked about bringing an alarm clock, Evelyn suggested the importance of paying more attention, Steven said that getting enough sleep to enjoy the day was important and Carys said organising items into groups (eg shirts, pants) was a good tip. As it happened my wife was sitting with us during this conversation. She must feel that I have some ‘opportunities for growth’ in my travel organisation as she was glad that I wrote everything down and looks like she might give me a revision quiz on this at any moment.

We finished by talking about the perfect travel destination. Carys said Venice, Kasey Egypt, Josh was happy to travel anywhere, Rowan nominated Vietnam and Stephen said Antarctica – at which point Carys and Kasey said that they would join him, and what about going there for schoolies? (which potentially makes this a very expensive lunch – my apologies for that).

The last thing to say is what a lovely group of young adults Stephen, Josh, Evelyn, Carys, Kasey and Rowan are, and it was pleasure to share a chat and a meal with them!

Tomorrow is a travel day, and I am not sure what time we will be settled into our hotel and how well the wifi will work. I will do my best to be in touch, but please don't be alarmed if you don't hear from us. A couple of pictures follow - from the Forbidden City and the Year 7's at lunch.


It has been another tremendous day over here in China.

We started by going to an older part of China, and having a rickshaw ride amongst some older buildings and streets. This was followed by a lunch in a private residence, where not only did we get to enjoy the lunch our host provided some music for us.

The afternoon saw the group heading off to the Beijing Primary School, where we were very generously hosted with a tour of their school, and then our students enjoyed a lesson in dragon dancing - ten of them at a time co-operating to make the dragon dance.

This evening we are off for a dinner in the local region. The food has been great. There is a buffet breakfast provided at the hotel, however other meals have always seen students eating at large tables, sharing the meals served on a 'lazy susan'. All the staff on this trip have commented on how great it is to see students trying different foods, working together during meal times and enjoying this part of their experience.

Following is a group photo next to the lake we were at this morning, and a photo of our host providing some music after our lunch.


It was another great day for the students.

The highlight of the day was the visit to the Great Wall of China - we had clear blue skies and great weather for the students to either walk or ride the cable car up to the wall.

I think almost as much fun was the shopping that the students were able to do in the markets on the way home. Mrs Harvey sent the students out with a last minute reminder of two Chinese phrases they had been practicing, 'how much is that' and 'that is too much'. What chance did the vendors really have? Students seemed to have a great time choosing some items, and bargaining for their purchases.

We then went out to a nearby restaurant known for their dumplings, which was a great way to finish the evening.

The wi-fi/mobile data is not great here. I would love to be attaching a few more photos, and will see how we go at different locations. The following is a group photo from the top of the Great Wall.

Everyone remains happy and healthy!


It has been a great first day of the trip. The students have done exceptionally well to cope with two overnight flights, and still have the energy to do a little exploring of the area around the hotel.

Everyone had a couple of hours of time in their rooms this afternoon, before walking a couple of blocks to another restaurant, where everyone seemed to again enjoy the food.


Friday, the 23rd of March, twenty-nine Year 6 and 7 students and five staff members are heading off on an adventure of a lifetime. Following a quick stopover at Singapore airport, the TLC delegation will arrive in Beijing, China ready for almost two weeks of complete cultural immersion. The itinerary includes sightseeing of all the major sites in Beijing including the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and of course, the Great Wall of China and then a quick ride on the bullet train to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors and then on, to experience life in Louyang the birthplace of Kung Fu.

A huge amount of preparation has been happening in the lead up to the trip and all students are now feeling very excited and confident that they will be able to handle the sights and sounds of bustling Beijing!

Congratulations and bon voyage, to the following staff and students who will be participating in this year’s trip:

Phineas A, Sarah B, Joshua B, Adam B, Millie C, Hannah D, Madison E, Beau F, Steven H, Alex H, Addison J, Cameron K, Ellissia K, Rowan L, Carys L, Chris M, Kye N, Onaolapo O, Kasey P, Jade P, Sam Q, Evelyn R, Katie WR, Kyeson S, Priya S, Lily S, Alex T, Lois VB, Callum W, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Han Harvey, Mrs Lollback, Mrs Everett and Mr Francis.