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27 May 2020

Brunch Challenge Results

I’m hoping for those who participated and tried the Brunch Challenge that you have learnt a new respect for the skill necessary for hospitality workers to put up plates of food at the same time, and on time. That is what this challenge was about. Gaining some insight into how a dish comes together.

Below are some of the delicious dishes that were served up by our students for the Brunch Challenge. Special mention to Logan H for his perfectly cooked eggs.

22 May 2020

Keeping up with Chef Joel - Brunch Cooking Challenge

You will need:

Download the ingredients and judging lists, then watch the video (at least once, maybe a couple of times) the audio isn’t the best (sorry). Then either Saturday or Sunday morning (or both if there are two of you in your household) set yourself up and cook the brunch recipe for four of your household. Cook along to the video, it gives you a good sense of timing! And have someone time you as you go along. This will tell me how you went keeping up with me and how often and for how long you paused. I haven’t made it easy, this is a challenge after all!

Feel free to pause if you are getting behind - but remember, this comes with a catch, if you pause the video, things in the oven or in a pan will still be cooking like the video was still playing, so pause only in short breaks if you need to.

Then the people who eat your brunch will judge it (if you’re one of those people don’t judge it yourself - I will average the scores).

Don’t forget to take pictures of your dishes! Click here for some tips of how to photograph your dish.

Please send me three pictures of your dishes along with the judging sheet:

  1. TOP-DOWN - One overhead photo;
  2. STRAIGHT ON - One Side on Photo;
  3. ANGLED - One 25%-75% incline photo

I will be accepting entries up until 7:00pm Sunday evening. Please email them to jmcculla@thelakes.qld.edu.au.

Good luck, see if you can keep up with me!

Can’t wait to see your faces next week!

Elbow bumps!

Chef Joel


18 May 2020

Focaccia Art Challenge

The Lakes College Culinary Club completed a Focaccia Art Challenge using the recipe for Chef Joel’s Focaccia from this blog (see below for recipe), they then proceeded to “artify” it in one of three ways.

  • Quilted/Patterned – to have a pattern embedded into the focaccia
  • Graphic – to make a picture that looks like something
  • Abstractly – to make an eye catching but abstract design

Logan H with his beetroot flower garden, and Gergo C with his owl took out a tie for the top prizes, with William H receiving a special commendation prize for the intricate design of his “Pikacheese”.

TLCCC isn’t letting 'staying at home' stop them from learning new skills!”


11 May 2020

Molecular Gastronomy Challenge

TLCCC took part in a Molecular Gastronomy Challenge after experimenting with their different techniques and here are the results. Congratulations to Tristan E who took out the Molecular Gastronomy Championship Title. Tristan has won a Molecular Gastronomy Toolkit.


TLCCC Molecular Gastronomy

The Lakes College Culinary Club (TLCCC) aren’t resting while at home, on top of their studies they’re experimenting with Molecular Gastronomy techniques of Spherification, Emulsification and Gelification. They’re going to come back even more skilled than before!


5 May 2020

Star Wars Day

Who dressed up for Revenge of the Fifth? Here are some photos of TLC at home and on campus.

Colouring-In Competition

Here are some of our Star Wars Colouring Entries - thank you for sending them through. If you would like to send us yours please send them to wunya@thelakes.qld.edu.au. Click here to download a copy.

Pizza Party!

Focaccia Recipe