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Pastoral Care - Secondary

The Pastoral Care System is an integral part of the formational, spiritual and academic development of students at The Lakes College. It caters for students from Years 7 -12 and has evolved from the Homeroom System of previous years. Each Pastoral Care Group is made up of to 25 students, and aims to provide outstanding personal care for all its members. Students in Years 10-12 are encouraged to provide strong leadership and serve as role models for the younger members of the Pastoral Care Group.

The Pastoral Care System aims to:

  1. Integrate the formational, spiritual and academic dimensions of the College so that students experience a total sense of care.
  2. Constantly seek and affirm each student’s worth, dignity and identity; and encourage them to strive for excellence in every dimension of their life.
  3. Develop the leadership capabilities and opportunities of all students.
  4. Provide a sense of community within the larger Lakes College community.

Each Group is led by a Pastoral Care Teacher who is directly responsible for the pastoral care of all the Group’s students. Pastoral Care Teachers have a number of other responsibilities including:

  • Ensuring consistent maintenance of the ethos and standards of the College.
  • Being the first point of contact within the College for any pastoral/personal matters.
  • Manage parental expectations in a positive and professional manner.
  • Proactively monitor and manage student behaviour, attitude and standards (uniform, jewellery, hair) within the Pastoral Care Group and make contact with parents where appropriate.
  • Induct new students into the Year level YLC’s and the Pastoral Care Group.
  • Communicate regularly, effectively and in a timely manner with parents, weekly, or as requested.
  • Monitor the academic progress of students in the Pastoral Care Group using the following:
  1. Academic audits
  2. Monitoring student diaries
  3. Initiating student progress/feedback reports to parents
  4. Liaising with class teachers
  • Liaise with Deputy Head of Secondary/Head of Secondary regarding unexplained Pastoral Care Group absences and contact parents if a student is absent for more than three days.
  • Review and comment on student reports in a manner that clearly demonstrates a personal interest and knowledge of students.
  • Carefully monitor students at College assemblies and other College events to ensure appropriate behaviour and decorum.
  • Ensure all significant actions are documented and communicated to the Deputy Head of Secondary/Head of Secondary.
  • Administrative and pastoral duties such as reading daily notices, marking the roll and devotions.

Parents with academic concerns should contact the child’s subject teacher in the first instance.