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The Lakes College’s 2018 graduating class of Year 12 students have achieved outstanding OP results, affirming the College’s mission to provide excellence in education, and reflecting our high quality of teaching.

This achievement was highlighted in an article in The Courier Mail in December 2018, when The Lakes College were recognised for a quarter of all eligible students receiving an OP1 to OP3.

Strong OP results do not happen by chance at The Lakes College. Students at the College are subject to a level of academic support that is second to none. Whether it be the ease through which all staff are accessible, to the range of programs available, or our comprehensive QCS Program, students find themselves within a strong, academic environment conducive to success.

While we recognise our students who achieved such strong OP scores, an excellent education incorporates both academic success and a focus on exposing young people to opportunity and broadening their horizons. The Lakes College remains committed to strong academic management and will continue to support those students who choose alternative pathways to tertiary education; this reflects the diversity of our student body and the College’s commitment to personalising each student’s learning pathway.

Outstanding results as The Lakes College is awarded its’ first OP1 and over 25% achieved an OP1-3.

We wish to congratulate the 2018 Year 12 students on these outstanding results. Our sixth cohort of graduates has performed exceptionally well, with The Lakes College achieving its first OP1 and well above the state average in all OP categories. These outstanding results affirm the College’s mission to provide excellence in education and reflects our high quality of teaching.

Whilst these are outstanding results, what we are most proud of is this cohort’s persistence, determination, honesty, compassion and community-mindedness and their ability to choose the hard over the easy. It is these traits that give meaning to statistics, and it is these traits that underpin who our students are and who they will become.

This is a group of young men and women of whom we are most proud and who deserve nothing but the best in whatever their future holds.

As a Ministry of the Uniting Church, The Lakes College provides a foundation for the development of Christian values, where students can experience the benefits of a supportive Christ-centred community. Our ministry enhances the development of Christian identity and ethos through a program of Spiritual Development, worship, pastoral care and service.

Spiritual Development at The Lakes College is viewed as the nurture, growth, and enhancement of a lived faith. In a Uniting Church school, Spiritual Development encompasses intentional processes where students are guided in ways of living their Christian faith. Spiritual Development includes daily Devotions, which are conducted by the Classroom or Pastoral Care teacher, weekly Chapel Services which are attended by all students, and weekly Spiritual Development lessons which are offered by the College Chaplain or Classroom Teacher in consultation with the Chaplain.

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