About us

Excellence in education, innovation in learning and a caring Christian community: The Lakes College is preparing a new generation of global citizens, with a growing tradition of outstanding academic results and a solid grounding in faith.

We have spent the past two decades building our vision, to be recognised as a Christian College which helps our students lay the foundations for a bright and successful future. We develop, nurture and recognise individual talents through a flexible and well-rounded curriculum.

Based in the heart of the fast growing North Lakes area of Brisbane, our co-educational College campus is a vibrant and happy place with boundless opportunities. Catering for Prep to Year 12, The Lakes College is an independent school underpinned by the traditions and beliefs of the Uniting Church.

Strategic Horizon

Our Strategic Horizon is the product of a journey our TLC Board and Senior Executive team have taken throughout 2020. This was a journey informed by a consultation process undertaken with students, parents, carers, and staff. In many ways, it was a journey that has mirrored that of the Uniting Church of which we are a part.

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