The Lakes College Library is a hub of learning and creativity. Libraries are central in developing and empowering students to access, interpret and apply the information of our multimodal world and to then function effectively and successfully in today’s society. The TLC Library provides physical and digital spaces to engage with our print and non-print resources.

The Library works collaboratively with our community to maintain access to resources supporting reading for enjoyment and curriculum needs from Prep to Year 12, for students and staff as well as parents and carers.

The Library’s online platform is accessible 24/7 at the College and anywhere off-campus for students and staff. The platform enables students to access the catalogue of physical resources, our Wheelers platform, LiteracyPro (Primary), Campion digital textbooks (Secondary) and our database. It also provides access to a range of LibPaths “research learning pathways” on research and subject specific content to make studying easier for students, as well as information on research skills, website evaluation, digital literacy, and cyber safety. Please note, the login below is only accessible for students and staff.