TLC Beyond

Our educational philosophy is focused on the whole child - intellectual, cultural, physical, social and spiritual and strives to develop the good, the true and the beautiful in every child. A balanced approach to education through quality curricular and extra-curricular programs provides opportunities for students to explore their potential.


Sport is an integral part of life at TLC. There is a strong emphasis on personal fitness, participation and teamwork where students are encouraged to reach their full potential and contribute to a team.

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Performing Arts

The Lakes College provides all students with opportunities to participate in and enjoy self-expression through music, drama, art and dance. There is a strong focus on performance and display of talent.

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Student Activities

The Lakes College’s approach to education seeks to develop well-rounded young people with a thorough grounding in the academic, cultural, social, spiritual and physical domains. We provide a diverse range of extra-curricular programs that cater for a variety of talents and interests that vary each term.

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