The Lakes College Dance embodies the College values of Faith, Hope, Love, Community, Courage and Justice. The high expectations of the College regarding student behaviour, uniform, respect, safety, effort and punctuality are also expected of any student involved in Dance.

TLC Dance fosters a sense of community and comradery, and develops resilience, determination, discipline, teamwork, commitment, organisation and an understanding of personal presentation. In addition to this, TLC Dance offers students the ability to develop lifelong friendships with students across all year levels at The Lakes College.

All classes and programs at The Lakes College are held in our wonderful dance studio, equipped with a professional dance floor, ballet barres, air conditioning, and floor to ceiling mirrors.

TLC Dance is a troupe-based program, and has 2 streams:

Aspire Dance Troupes
Kiah Dance Troupes

Aspire Dance Troupes

Aspire Dance Troupe is a non-competitive option for students who would like to have an introduction to Dance and/or further develop their skills. This will consist of one class per week learning different styles of dance and improving technique. There will be a performance opportunity for these students at College Events and the Term 3 Dance Concert.

  • Aspire Junior Primary Troupe (AJTP): Year 1 - 3
  • Aspire Primary Troupe (APT): Year 4 - 6
  • Aspire Prep: Prep Only (Semester 2 only)

Kiah Dance Troupes

Kiah is a Gamilaraay word meaning “a beautiful place”. Kiah troupes are the performance/competitive troupes of TLC Dance with troupe members competing at eisteddfods, College events and the Term 3 Dance Concert.

  • Kiah Junior Primary Troupe (JTP): Year 1 - 3
  • Kiah Primary Troupe (PT): Year 4 - 6
  • Kiah Secondary Troupe (ST): Year 7 - 12